Welcome to the world where chocolate dreams come true!


Manufaktura Czekolady is the only place in Poland where chocolate is hand-made directly from freshly-ground cocoa beans. From start to finish, the whole process takes place in the same plant. This way we are able to ensure the unique, intense taste of real chocolate. To make chocolate bars, we do not use pre-processed cocoa powder or any other semi-products. Just as freshly squeezed fruit juice is much better than juice produced from concentrate.


We use a variety of cocoa beans – each type has its specific character and greatly affects the chocolate’s taste. We enhance the core flavours of cocoa beans with special ingredients: ginger, cranberry, fleur de sel (a special kind of sea salt), and many others. We are very proud of our creativity, but know at the same time that consumers have their own chocolate dreams. We want to make them come true! For you we can customize a bespoke chocolate, the one you have always wanted!
Welcome to the magical world of chocolate!